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Symptom(s): After i enter my email and password it clears them and shows me the same page.

Problem: Internet Explorer (IE) will block the use of cookies, which this site uses to make sure you are allowed to login in.

Solution: The following steps will enable all cookies for spautosports.
This is safe to do, as the only information stored in cookies from spautosports is an encrypted session identifier. This identifier lets you log into the Dealers section of the website.

1. In Internet Explorer click on the "Tools" menu at the top of the window.
2. Select "Internet Options".
3. Click on the "Privacy" tab.
4. At the bottom of the "Privacy" tab screen, there should be an "Edit" or "Sites" button. Click this button.
5. Type "" in the "Address of Web site" text box
6. Click the "Allow" button
7. Type "" in the "Address of Web site" text box
8. Click the "Allow" button
9. Click on "OK"
10. Click on "OK" again
11. Close any Internet Explorer browser, and the next time you try to log in IE will not stop you.

Note, these changes are only for this site and are not a security risk for you and your computer.